Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Day 196 - The Good Consumer

I have just watched a section on the News called Future Schools.  The aim of the new school curriculum that is being implemented in the UK is to get teenagers ready for work.  They don't wear a uniform as such but are given free rein on clothing as long as it is smart and tidy, like a business suit for example. The school day is 9 - 5 and the teachers are called life skills coaches and they are encouraged to treat them like work collegues.

But the aim of the game is still the same and that is to turn us into Good Consumers.  Get a job and the better the job the more money and kudos you have and the more you can buy and the better life style you can have.  I sat and watched for a while and the biggest thing that came through to me is that we are going around and around on the same track, just looking at new ways to make us believe that we have value as a human because we have a great education and a good job.  It looks like all those that are in charge with our well being still have no clue because we keep just dressing up the same old system in some fancy new packaging and a bow, to try to address the problems in this world, when underneath it all the system is still the same it is just presented in a prettier package.

In fact we are allowing ourselves to be brain washed further to believe that we have to now get even more qualifications because the mainstream/blue collar jobs are so few and far between.  Where will we be in 10 years time if this keeps up, will we just have a plethora of fast food and coffee shops with the majority of the population scraping over the jobs there and the privileged few in higher education as Doctors and Lawyers?

It is pretty worrying if you ask me.  Because the few Doctors that we have will become specialists in dealing with malnutrition and stomach issues and mental health because of all the crap that we are eating and way we THINK and live.  We have to address the root of the problem and that is the mind!  And yet even if one is a professional in mental health they still have no idea how the mind actually works, because I am only just finding out myself and what is missing in all of this is that we are the directive principle here.  We pump ourselves full of pills and talk about our problems over and over but we never actually free ourselves from our self created prisons of fear and anxiety, but just push it down and go out and buy the next shiny new contraption that will take our mind of it for a while oh and then there is love. Love wonderful love, the greatest deception of all time!   Love rules the world.  We are addicted to energy of buying new products and finding love it is a constant Ferris wheel that never satisfies. 

If we keep going along on this current track this is how I see the headlines reading in 10 years time.

Many more kids leave school with fewer jobs to go around.
Hospitals are stretched to breaking point as a new virus that is defying Doctors does the rounds.
More and more living on the streets and crime is at an all time high!
Pollution is so high that many are fighting over clean water.

Much like now, but worse and escalating out of control.

Now I know that I am not the only one that sees this unfolding but most of the population of planet Earth believe that they can't change it.  What the fuck is up with that?? We have acquiesced and accepted and allowed ourselves to except everything we are told without question and not once do we see that we collectively are creating this mess that will only get worse, unless we change it now! And it is possible' I know' that it is and you are probably thinking who the fuck is this person? I know in the past I would have been.

I have walked with Desteni now for a little over 2 years and have been participating in the Desteni i process for under a year. I write self forgiveness on the points that come up daily as the chatter and fear in my mind and I have overcome in many cases my addiction to energy.   I am calmer, I see with clearer eyes I am less afraid and I no longer will allow and accept myself to convince myself that I am anything less than life. I am able to face the abuse now that I spent so long running away from because I was so brain washed that I couldn't change.  But now I know that I can and I promise you!  If I can change with a little commitment and consitancy so can you!

I am not an educated person and I really don't claim to have all the answers but I can tell you this much, I have changed and for the first time ever I am able to see where I am going and I have taken back control of my life as the directive principle and I am no longer a slave to my mind.   Give yourself the gift of life.

The only way that we will change this world/reality and make it a place that is best for all is to STOP and investigate your mind all the problems in this world are created by us collectively and as hard as that is to hear it is the absolute truth.  Join us and write yourself to freedom and lets really start to enjoy life and experience what this planet has to offer us.