Thursday, 3 January 2013

Day 190 - Cosmic Ordering - Did you get what you wanted in 2012?

I read this today and wanted to say a little something about it, because what I have noticed  as times are becoming more desperate for millions of people, they are clinging to positive thinking in a vein hope that they will be ok and the crash will not effect them :

"The Law of Attraction does not care why you are offering a vibration. In other words, it does not care whether you are remembering, pretending, complaining, creating, day-dreaming or observing your reality. It obediently duplicates that vibration. So ideally, we would find something that makes us feel abundant and include it more often in our daily vibration. There are a number of tools that people can use to duplicate the vibration of abundance. I'll give you one of them today."

This was from a document about how you can bring great abundance and money into your life and it is the very reason why we are in such a mess in this world.

But on the plus side it is why some of us in the grand scheme of things will eventually effect a change in this world. We can use the law of attraction as a 'force' for 'good' by equalising ourselves with it and creating a world that is BEST FOR ALL finally.  After all if that is our common goal then that's what we will manifest as the world as it was supposed to be.

Not one that is based in ego driven self interest.  We all know that the economy is collapsing and many are getting a taster of what it is like to be poor.  So what is happening to all the positive quotes and vibrational abundance? Why is it that more people aren't becoming rich? Surely if you are going to ask for something you wouldn't just ask for a few bucks, you would ask for a sizable amount wouldn't you? I know I would!

So what is happening here?   All the positive thinking and cosmic ordering is going to have to balance out somewhere as we are living in a world of polarities because we have allowed consciousness free rein without fully understanding how the mind works and what we are actually doing .....Why do you think that so many now are starving and so many are homeless? It isn't a life style choice! Why would it be?

So what I am saying is if you ask for something it is already here and within that you are taking it from somewhere else. 

So lets change the programme to one that is best for all  and create some proper balance in this world. There is nothing wrong with wanting abundance, but what is not happening now is that it isn't available to all.  We need to balance the scales to sit at neutral.

As children we were taught to share, weren't we? So what has changed?

We have become self interested, consumer, mind control zombies completely addicted to energy and entertainment and if you ask most people if they are happy they will probably say they aren't sure or don't know really and many say " what's happiness?" I do my best, keep smiling"   Because we have never known what it is to truly live without fear. We work our asses off to buy the next best gadget that gets rammed down our throats and we end up convincing ourselves that is what we need, that will make us happy. But it is short lived.  Then you have those that are using the LOA to get wealth and positivity and constantly having to remain in a state of positivity and what eventually happens is that they will swing to the opposite polarity of negativity eventually as the consciousness attempts to balance itself out, to give you the energetic experience of both, because actually it is what you are asking for at a mind consciousness level. ( Quantum Mind series will explain this in greater detail.

Would be so cool to stop the war and poverty in this world and return the Earth to a place where all can experience themselves as life.

Time for a change...I am one vote for